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About Supernal Geography

"səˈpərnl / adjective:

relating to the sky or the heavens; celestial;

of exceptional quality or extent."

SUPERNAL GEOGRAPHY represents the efforts of one person who is already a reasonably accomplished professional in one artistic discipline to move from an amateur to a professional in another. Joseph Gaines is an operatic tenor specializing in character roles and new works with performances across the United States and abroad. More info at josephgaines.com.

He is also an avid photographer who is deeply in love with the American West, with big skies and dramatic sunrises and sunsets, deserts, prairie, wildlife, flowers, and breathtaking mountains. He's been encouraged by a number of friends (including professional photographers) in recent years to move from just taking artfully crafted photography on his phone on the fly, to acquiring and learning to use a proper camera. In early 2017 he bought a Canon Rebel T5i with an  EF-S 18-135mm lens, and is slowly expanding his arsenal of photographic equipment.

This Supernal Geographer travels often for professional singing engagements, and his Canon is always in tow; photography currently in this catalog represents opera-related excursions from 2017 in Colorado, Virginia, Philadelphia, Hawaii, Seattle/Tacoma, and more. When not wandering the high country in the Colorado Rockies or other large wilderness parks around the country, he returns to his childhood love of architecture and design, and can spend entire days wandering urban settings on foot.

SUPERNAL GEOGRAPHY seeks to map intersections of time and eternity, with an especial focus on form and scale. All photography is available for sale without watermark or restriction.

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