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About Supernal Geography

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"səˈpərnl / adjective:

relating to the sky or the heavens; celestial;

of exceptional quality or extent."

SUPERNAL GEOGRAPHY is the visual artwork of Joseph Gaines.

A winner of the 2019 Historic Denver Photo Competition, Gaines' work has been featured in multimedia performances with Resonance Works Pittsburgh and the Baroque Chamber Orchestra of Colorado.

An avid photographer who is deeply in love with the American West, Joe is drawn inexorably to big skies and dramatic sunrises and sunsets, deserts, prairie, wildlife, flowers, and breathtaking mountains. His growing portfolio also reflects a childhood love of architecture and design, and can he spend entire days wandering urban settings on foot. SUPERNAL GEOGRAPHY seeks to map intersections of time and eternity.

All photography is available for sale without watermark or restriction from supernalgeography.com or by contacting Joseph Gaines directly.